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Commitment means remaining loyal

to what you said you would do,

long after you spoke the words

or signed the contract.


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Commitment is the cornerstone of any relationship, underpinning the connection of two or more individuals in an effort to fulfill a promise or a responsibility, or sometimes both. Commitment gives the depth that a relationship needs to keep both parties moving forward.

Commitment flourishes when people respect and appreciate one another, build a relationship, and celebrate victory together. When people make this kind of commitment, they focus on solutions, not problems, on positivity, not negativity. Getting to this point requires open channels of communication by both parties, a promise to do something together for the good of a cause, a culture, or a country. Usually, commitment signals dedication to long-term involvement in marriage, business, or other relationships.


Commitment is the willingness to give

time and energy to whatever you believe in,

to a promise, to a decision to accomplish something.

Motivation gets you started;

commitment keeps you going.

Jim Rohn


Think of all the reasons that people make commitments. The most obvious one that comes to mind is marriage. Two people who pledge love, honor, and respect for one another make a commitment, sealing it with their signatures on a marriage license. But commitment doesn’t stop when the ink dries. It extends far into the future for a lifetime, through joys and sorrows, success and failure, plenty and want.

In education, principals and teachers make a commitment to fulfill the responsibilities incumbent on their respective roles. Principals oversee the whole gamut of concerns that go toward maintaining a successful school. Teachers make an enormous commitment to provide fertile ground for their students, to foster curiosity, and to encourage the love of learning. Students, too, make a commitment, albeit sometimes reluctantly, to participate in classroom and other school-related activities that help them grow into well-rounded individuals.

Commitment is vital in the workplace, between employer and employee, factory foreman and laborer. The employer commits to pay pre-determined wages/salary, provide a safe and suitable workplace, and respect his or her employees; the employees commit to performing their required duties accurately and efficiently. Both parties must remain steadfast in their pursuit of long-range goals, regardless of challenges and setbacks.

 Business partnerships are not unlike marriages; both require a commitment to work toward a common goal, enjoy success, make mutually beneficial decisions, overcome obstacles, and maintain a high integrity. Success in this kind of relationship requires staying with an idea or a project, building trust, and accepting only results, not excuses. As in marriage, a business partnership requires total commitment to the pursuit of a specified goal that paves the path to success.

Commitment requires time and energy, heart and integrity, motivation and follow-through, and staying loyal to that commitment long after making it. Commitment is an all-or-nothing proposition.


The quality of a person’s life is in

Direct proportion to their commitment

To excellence, regardless of their

Chosen field of endeavor.

Vince Lombardi


The vital word in making commitments it should. One should make a commitment. One should promise to pursue a mutual goal. One should hold fast to the spirit of the commitment, not just the words that precede signatures on paper. As Denis Waitley says, “Losers make promises they often break; winners make commitments they always keep.”

Remember making a commitment builds hope, and keeping a commitment builds trust. Commitment reflects on a person’s actions and attitudes; others will follow their lead. In that way, commitment becomes contagious. Lela Ashkarian, Realtor/Author, The Crossing, Living a Life Without Regret

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